Glass is a medium that never ceases to amaze us. We have been producing our work for over twenty years, and still learning and trying to push the limits of "glass art" past the normal conception of what glass is.

Our technique and style are totally self-taught, yet the years of full- time shows and travel has been our experience, inspiration and teacher. Our glass work is free-hand sandblasted carving and shading, so as to produce a sculptural, three-dimensional, work of art. We have incorporated free form broken edges and mixed media approaches to give a one-of-a-kind look to each piece.

It's difficult to say how we got started in the arts and specifically in our own medium. We both were born and raised in North and South Dakota. Rayetta was born near the river town of Bismarck, North Dakota, and pursued the arts from an early age. Be it rivers or oceans, water has always been an influence on her work. Jerry was born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, near the Black Hills and grew up on a ranch experiencing a variety of influences which still affect his work today.

Intrigued with the arts and traveling, we have traveled all across the country exhibiting in the major fine art shows. Some of the shows we have participated in are Festival of Masters(Florida), Sausalito Art Festival (California), Portland Art Festival(Oregon), Portland Japanese Gardens(Oregon), Piedmont Park(Atlanta), Rhinebeck Art Show(New York), Dallas 500 Inc.(Dallas), and the Annual Pacific Northwest Art and Craft Fair(Bellevue, Washington).

Exhibiting at shows year around allowed time to perfect our art and to enjoy a full-time way of life with art and travel. A summer home in the Black Hills of South Dakota and a winter home in Florida kept us in sunshine and shows year around. Now we live year around in our home and work studio in Port Townsend, Washington in order to return to the gallery and studio life to develop our glass art even further. Our goal and challenge is to never grow complacent, and to always keep our work refreshing and changing, for us as the artists and for you as the viewer.